A.C.T. Fellowships

A.C.T.'s fellowships provide advanced, hands-on training in theater production and administration. It is through this exposure to professionals at work—and to their audiences—that our fellows learn what drama means to the life of a community, and how the life of a community enriches its theater. A.C.T. fellowships provide a springboard to a professional life in the theater: our fellows have gone on to attend renowned graduate programs, to work in major regional theaters, and to freelance as directors, designers, and stage managers.

Fellows are a vital part of the thriving circle of artists that make A.C.T. one of the nation's most respected arts institutions. Each fellow's experience is nurtured and developed with the guidance of a staff mentor, and fellows are encouraged to draw from the diverse resources and collective knowledge of A.C.T.'s resident artists, designers, and administrators.

A.C.T. fellows have access to a variety of benefits designed to integrate them into the artistic life of the company and the community. Through daily exposure in their primary field of interest and monthly group sessions, fellows develop individual, specific projects resulting in the creation of work that will broaden and strengthen their professional and personal skills and abilities.

In addition, fellows receive complimentary tickets to all A.C.T. productions and opportunities to attend other Bay Area theaters. Fellows are also encouraged to attend student projects in our conservatory, brown-bag lunches with guest artists, and all audience events such as prologues and audience exchanges.


Information and applications for 2018–19 Fellowships will be posted in January 2018.

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