About The Suit

Running time: 75 minutes with no intermission

"Brims with a gentle effervescence and musicality . . . [and] juicy, appetizing life." —The New York Times

"A bittersweet and beautifully performed fable" 
—New York Daily News

“Exceptional theater! Every actor moves like a dancer. Every actor speakers like singer. And song pervades all. . .with arrangements of Schubert songs, South African songs, African American blues, "The Blue Danube" and, of course, Bach. By making theater, music and dance inseparably one, [director] Peter Brook's art reaches that cleansing Bachian peak where beauty and humanity endure.” —L.A. Times  Click here to read article.

When a husband catches his wife in the arms of her lover, the lover flees—but leaves his suit behind. As her penance, the husband makes his wife “treat the suit as an honored guest”; accompanying her wherever she goes, the suit becomes a whimsical yet cruel reminder of her infidelity. African melodies interweave with jazz standards to underscore this simple yet surprising tale, set in Apartheid-era Johannesburg, in a haunting production that integrates virtuosic musicians directly into the action.

Click here and go behind the scenes of The Suit with master director Peter Brook and PBS’s Charlie Rose!

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