From The Artistic Director

From The Artistic Director

It is a profound joy to be part of an institution where making art is viewed as a lifelong commitment that begins in childhood and lasts as long as we have an ounce of energy left to play. As artistic director of A.C.T., it is my mission to encourage that sense of play in every artist who walks through the door, to push ourselves towards an expression of human experience that is dangerous, passionate, amused, expansive, and fully realized. At A.C.T. we bring together theatrical styles and cultural statements from widely disparate times and places to be explored in our classrooms and on our stages. And we strive to create an artistic environment in which the free exchange of ideas is rigorously and energetically encouraged to flourish and evolve.

There is no formula for creating a great actor, or great acting. The endeavor is somewhat akin to trying to plan the perfect voyage. At A.C.T. we are committed to giving you excellent climbing tools, ample nourishment, vivid maps, and even the occasional beautiful traveling outfit. But most important of all, we hope to inspire in each of you the imagination and courage to plunge into worlds where nothing is a given and everything is possible. Great dramatic literature invites you to take that plunge. Good training is the net that allows you to plunge without risking every bone in your body. Since we are always in training at A.C.T., free fall is frequent. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Carey Perloff, Artistic Director

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Photo by Kevin Berne

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