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Early in the pandemic, we invited several artists in our A.C.T. community to participate in our Make-a-Thing micro-commissions. Our only directive to these brilliant, vital artists was to channel the impulses that felt most urgent and necessary to them into a short creative project—in other words, to "make a thing." We believe in the generative capacity of artists of every one of theater's sub-disciplines and so have commissioned choreographers, directors, actors, and designers, as well as writers. Learn about our commissioned artists below.

Three of the Make-a-Thing micro-commissions are on display around the Geary Theater during the run of Freestyle Love Supreme. You can learn more about the four artists below and explore all of our lobby spaces to experience these projects:

Feeling Good (Nina Simone Cover): A Revival by Rotimi Agbabiaka
A Great Last Minute Deal by Anthony Fusco
Untitled Toilet Experience by Sam Pinkleton and Keiko Carreiro

Rotimi Agbabiaka

Anthony Fusco

Sam Pinkleton

Keiko Shimosato Carreiro



Carlos Aguirre


Jaclyn Backhaus

Summer Brown

Shannon R. Davis

Zachariah Ezer

Ntokozo Fuzunina Kunene

Emma Van Lare

Phil Wong