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The A.C.T. Citizen Artist Program is a unique component of the M.F.A. Program curriculum created and administered in partnership with the Education & Community Programs Department to provide MFA students opportunities to learn the theory and engage in the practice of Citizen Artistry.

A Citizen Artist, as A.C.T. defines it, utilizes their skill and craft as a theater artist to collaborate with diverse communities to effect social change. As part of the Citizen Artist Program, every MFA student attends trainings on cultural competency, pedagogy, curriculum design, and participatory theater techniques that aim to prepare them to work with the students and community members in A.C.T.’s Education & Community Programs, with whom they have the opportunity to work, through apprenticeships, during their time at A.C.T. The Citizen Artist Program serves as an introductory foundation of learning and experience on which M.F.A. students can build if they choose to become teaching artists in the community after they graduate. During their time at A.C.T., any M.F.A. student can choose to engage in an additional 30 hours of approved Citizen Artist practice in order to graduate with a “Citizen Artist Concentration.”

Citizen Artist Program Structure

Baseline requirements for all M.F.A. Students: (41 hours total over 3 years)
1st year: (21 hours)

  • 18 hours of Citizen Artist introductory training
  • 3 hours of participating in or leading classroom instruction with a school partner

2nd year: (19 hours)

  • 16 hours of Citizen Artist intermediate/advanced training
  • 3 hours of participating in or leading classroom instruction with a school partner
  • Optional Opportunity to teach outside during semester at various sites, CBO’s and residencies

3rd year: Optional hours, no requirement.

Citizen Artist Concentration requirements: (in addition to Baseline requirements)

  • Additional 30 hours total of assisting or leading any school or community program from the Citizen Artist Menu or other approved projects.