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Questions about the fellowship program can be emailed to Please read the How to Apply section for information about how to submit an application.


Transportation Expenses

This is an unpaid internship with a stipend to help offset transportation and/or parking costs.

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Bay Area Housing

Securing housing is the responsibility of each fellow. The cost of living is very high in San Francisco. The stipend is meant to offset the cost of transportation, but will not be enough to cover the cost of all living expenses. Most areas of San Francisco and the Bay Area are accessible via public transportation. Parking in the city is difficult and expensive, and most fellows find they can easily get along without a car.
Please note:
Limited, optional housing may be available for a few 2019–20 fellows in lieu of the transportation stipend. Details will be made available to successful candidates after acceptance into the program


International Applicants

While A.C.T. cannot sponsor foreign applicants or assist in obtaining the required visa, we accept the application of anyone who already has the necessary permits to work in the United States. Please contact your local officials or the U.S. embassy in your country for more information.


A.C.T’s Commitment to Diversity

A.C.T. recognizes a critical need to offer training opportunities to students of color and aspiring professionals who wish to enter the field of theater arts. A.C.T. is an inclusive environment and encourages applicants representing diversity of all kinds to apply.


Academic Credit

A.C.T. is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Academic credit may be available to qualifying fellows. In addition, some schools translate the fellow experience into academic units. Check with your school's academic advisor to see if this applies to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer fellowships in acting?

We do not offer acting fellowships. For information about continuing your actor training at the A.C.T. Conservatory, please click here. For information about auditioning for an A.C.T. production, please click here.


What kind of commitment does a fellowship at A.C.T. entail?

All fellowships at A.C.T. require a season-long commitment, usually from September to June. Most fellowships require a full-time (35-40 hours/week) commitment (see below).


Do you offer fellowships during the summer?

Due to our season schedule, we do not typically offer fellowships during the summer. Our Young Conservatory, which offers theater classes for students ages 8 to 19, does, however, offer (unpaid) Summer Program Internships that provide hands-on training in theater education and arts administration; for information, click here.


Do I need to have any particular education or experience for these fellowships?

Most of our applicants are making the transition from the academic environment to professional theater. No particular degree is required for any of these fellowships. Fellowships in our artistic and administrative departments may also be suited to students who are taking a break from college. A background that includes practical theater experience or direct experience in your field of interest is preferred for all fellowships. Our fellowships are generally not for high school students.


Can I hold a job during my fellowship?

Production and Stage Management fellowships often include evening and weekend work. Holding a job is not possible during these fellowships. Holding a flexible part-time job may be possible during an artistic or administrative fellowship: the hours and schedules of these fellowships are sometimes adaptable, depending on the needs of the department and the fellow. There may be opportunities for Front of House shifts unrelated to the fellowship. Every applicant should plan ahead in order to cover living expenses as the stipend is not adequate to cover the cost of living in San Francisco.

Click here for a resource with more information about the cost of living in San Francisco.


What type of writing sample should I submit?

A college research paper, critical essay, or article for a college newspaper or other similar publication is appropriate. The subject matter need not be theater or drama, though this is preferred. We are less interested in original fiction or plays.


Who should write my letters of recommendation?

Your letters of recommendation should be from employers, professors, or mentors from different areas of your life who know you well and who can speak to your skills, abilities, and goals. Your application will not be reviewed until all required documents have been received, so we recommend choosing folks who will be responsive and submit the letter on time.


Do I need to include a college transcript with my application?

No, college transcripts are neither required nor necessary for your fellowship application. Application requirements are listed in the How to Apply section.


Will A.C.T. help me with job placement following my fellowship?

A.C.T. helps prepare fellows for working in a professional arts industry through on the job training, networking opportunities, and a mid-season resume workshop, but employment is not guaranteed.


When will my fellowship begin?

Most A.C.T. fellowships will commence in August or early September each season varying by department. There will be a fellowship orientation week in early September.


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