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How Writing Small Mouth Sounds Changed an Artist’s Life

During Bess Wohl’s accidental visit to a silent retreat, she found herself “drawn to the funny, frustrating miscommunications that happen in enforced silence.”

by A.C.T. Publications
Oct 3, 2017

A Brief History of the American Wellness Industry

Mindfulness is not only a means to help us relax and recharge, but also a business powerhouse, raking in an estimated $4.2 billion a year.

by Elspeth Sweatman
Oct 20, 2017

Silence Speaks Volumes in Small Mouth Sounds

In a society saturated with noise, information, and stuff, what can silence teach us?

by Taylor Steinbeck
Oct 30, 2017

Observing Silence: An Interview with Playwright Bess Wohl

“You have to sit forward and become a detective, actively engaging with the storytelling, or else you could miss something.”

by Simon Hodgson
Oct 9, 2017

Extreme Vulnerability: An Interview with Director Rachel Chavkin

“There’s no language to alter; it’s just the way an actor opens an envelope. In that sense, this play is really an actor’s dream.”

by Simon Hodgson
Oct 23, 2017

Small Mouth Sounds Prologue Discussion

Before the performance of Small Mouth Sounds on October 24, 2017, Artistic Director Carey Perloff and actor Orville Mendoza spoke to a live audience about bringing Bess Wohl’s silent retreat comedy to A.C.T., and Mendoda’s role as the unseen guru.

Transcendental Meditation in the Halls of A.C.T.

Did you know that A.C.T.’s offices used to have a meditation room? Read about our founder William Ball’s relationship with Transcendental Meditation.

by Michael Paller
Nov 9, 2017

Art Imitating Life: Mindfulness and the Cast of Small Mouth Sounds

Every day the cast is listening to each other and, like the characters, trying to stay present while different things are emotionally resonating with the audience.

by A.C.T. Publications Staff
Nov 14, 2017

A Trip to the Meditation Room

An A.C.T. Fellow conducts her own experiment with meditation in the heart of the city.

by Taylor Steinbeck
Nov 20, 2017

Meditation: There’s an App for That

You don’t have to be on a silent retreat to experience the benefits of mindfulness.

by Taylor Steinbeck
Nov 21, 2017

The Science of Meditation

In what ways does meditation affect the brain?

by Shannon Stockwell
Nov 17, 2017

The Cast Recalls Their First Performances

We reached out to some of the Small Mouth Sounds cast to find out about their first memories of performing.

by Taylor Steinbeck
Dec 8, 201

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