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“Hilarious and often poignant”
San Francisco Examiner

“A cosmic riddle of a play”
San Francisco Chronicle


“Crackles with crisp performances”
Theater Dogs

“What a debut!
Sit back and enjoy the brilliance of
what director Pam MacKinnon has
done in her first A.C.T. outing”

Tallkin' Broadway

“Exquisitely written”
The New Yorker

“Albee at his most surreal, playful,
and metaphorical . . . MacKinnon
has directed a strong cast of actors
with great subtlety and wit”

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Directed by Pam MacKinnon

January 23–February 17, 2019
A.C.T.’s Geary Theater

Running time:
2 hours, including one intermission

In her A.C.T. debut, Artistic Director Pam MacKinnon continues her career-long exploration of American theater’s legendary playwright, Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Albee (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?; The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?).

In this wildly imaginative and satirical comedy, a newly retired couple picnics on a beach and squabbles about their life together when they are interrupted by two human-sized, English-speaking lizards. Are the newcomers an evolutionary miracle, or a threat? And which couple is the greater risk to the other?

As the two pairs begin to communicate, they come uneasily together, discovering how transitions in life can spark terror and restlessness in any creature of habit. Albee returns to The Geary for the first time in a decade, with a sparkling fantasy of growing up and growing old, fear and adventure, love and laughter.



What Makes a Great Picnic Basket?

We asked local chefs what they would pack for a day on the beach!

“My favorite time to visit the beach for a picnic is in the winter when the only sounds you hear are the waves crashing against the shore and the sea birds calling. All bundled up, flannel blanket in tow, with a picnic basket—small but full of sand friendly food. A tin of smoked oysters, aged gouda and Ritz crackers with a Chablis (screw top please), two glasses and cloth napkins to start. A sandwich of French ham and brie on a baguette with Dijon mustard and cornichons, salt and vinegar chips and crisp red apples. Carbs rule on a cold day. A big thermos full of dark black tea with milk and sugar would follow along with shortbread cookies with sea salt caramel in between. No utensils need, only my Openil foragers knife!”

—Chef Pamela Mazzola, Prospect Restaurant


“My ideal seaside picnic basket would include flavors of childhood nostalgia and easy simple comforts. I like to prep little simple bites that can all be mixed and enjoyed together. It may include ripe tomatoes drizzled with EVOO and Maldon salt, a block of Bulgarian soft feta cheese, a nice crusty bread you can tear off, some seasonal fruit (especially watermelon), hummus or various dips, and something sweet. I usually pack some dried fruit like dates and pluots, and often I bring something sweet and satisfying like crumbly shortbread cookies.”

—Chef Yigit Pura, winner of Bravo’s “Top Chef Just Dessert”


“For a California beach (current favorite is Marina Beach just north of Monterey): Champagne, cold fried chicken, caviar, and our Cream & Onion Ruffles. For Hawaii (all-time favorite): Ice cold Longboards (beer), poke, and boiled peanuts.”

—Chef Ravi Kapur, Liholiho Yacht Club • Louie's Gen-Gen Room, Food & Wine’s 2016 Best New Chefs

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