Bay Area Roots Run Deep with The Great Leap

For many involved, working on The Great Leap is a chance to return home. Actors, designers, the director, and the playwright all grew up around the Bay Area. Here's a look at the first rehearsal of this exciting and heartfelt hometown play.

by Miranda Ashland
Feb 26, 2019

See Chinatown Through the Wong Family's Eyes

The Great Leap takes place in San Francisco's Chinatown, where the basketball scene was booming in the 1970–80s. William D. Wong—father of actor BD Wong—grew up playing basketball on Chinatown's courts, and he gave us a personal glimpse in his scrapbook.

by Annie Sears
Mar 5, 2019

Game On: An Interview with Great Leap Playwright Lauren Yee

Get your head in the game by reading this interview with Playwright Lauren Yee and her father Larry, who inspired the story.

by Joy Meads
Mar 12, 2019

Podcast: The Great Leap


A.C.T.'s Director of Dramaturgy and New Works, Joy Meads, sat down with The Great Leap director, Lisa Peterson to discuss the process of bringing this incredible production to life.

Snail Slime and Other Skincare Secrets: Actors Reveal Their Pre-Show Routines

Snail slime, bee venom, and hyaluronic acid. The Great Leap actors BD Wong and Ruibo Qian reveal their skincare secrets

by Annie Sears
Mar 22, 2019

Sports or Theater?

Interested in how sports and theater team up onstage? Read more in this excerpt from Words on Plays!

by Simon Hodgson
Mar 29, 2019

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