The Caryl Churchill Passport

Get all 4 Bay Area Caryl Churchill shows for $96!

A Bay Area Theater collaboration - this passport entitles you to one ticket to each of the following productions and is valid for the performance dates listed below. Purchase by October 13 to take advantage of one low price on best-available seats for all 4 shows.

Top GirlsThe Geary
September 19–October 13

Cloud 9Custom Made Theatre Co.
November 15–December 15

Vinegar TomShotgun Players
December 6 – January 5

Escaped AloneMagic Theatre
April 14 – May 10

Top Girls at A.C.T.

Directed by Tamilla Woodard

Shattering the glass ceiling doesn’t come without a few injuries. It’s 1980s Britain and nothing will stop Marlene’s ascent from working girl to top exec. Not the sniveling, jealous male coworker. Not the family birthdays she’ll miss. Not even other women. In the race to the top, there’s no time for sisterhood.

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Cloud 9 at Custom Made Theatre Co.

Directed by Allie Moss

Could 9 is about sexual politics in colonial Africa and modern-day Britain, in which all our assumptions about sex and gender are stunningly explored. It is also about sex, work, mothers, power, generations, politics, and money, which is why this classic play feels as urgent today as when it made Churchill a household name.

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Vinegar Tom at Shotgun Players

Directed by Barbara Damashek

If witches have so much power, then why are they always poverty-stricken? Vinegar Tom is a wild mash-up of desperate women living in 17th century society with modern musical numbers connecting the tale to our own troubled times. This is Churchill at her best: raw, satirical, political, and mad as hell!

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Escape Alone at Magic Theatre

Directed by Loretta Greco

"I’m walking down the street and there’s a door in the fence open and inside there are three women I’ve seen before…"

Three old friends and a neighbor spend a summer of afternoons in their English backyard. Entwined histories, laughter, and song abound over tea and catastrophe.

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