Acting Professionally

A note from Melissa Smith, Conservatory Director

Why should you train in a school that's an integral part of a professional theater company? Your formal instruction at A.C.T. is demanding, individual, and intense and is designed to refine your sense of theatrical truth by tuning your human instrumentyour voice, body, intellect, and imagination.

Equally potent are the lessons you learn here by osmosis: Attending a mainstage rehearsal. Listening to a designer present a production concept. Seeing a show at the American Conservatory Theater three times because you love a particular actor's performance. Acting, along with members of the professional company, in a staged reading of a play under consideration for the mainstage.

We have structured the M.F.A. Program, capitalizing on our association with the A.C.T. mainstage, to involve you directly in the artistic life of the theater. In addition to class work and studio projects, you will participate in play development, working closely with faculty, guest artists, and playwrights. All of you will play roles on the mainstage. All of you will perform for the public in conservatory productions in San Francisco.

Wherever you go at A.C.T. you will find dedicated, talented, and supportive professionals who share your passion for great acting and your commitment to thrilling an audience. Training in a professional environment is all-consuming. The process will exhaust, exhilarate, and ultimately transform you. You will grow as an actor and as a person in a community where young and old—novice and master—are together engaged in the struggle to create vital, magical, and meaningful art.

Melissa Smith, Conservatory Director

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