Acting training for business performance

A.C.T.’s Professional Development Training program offers elite acting training to companies seeking to elevate their business performance skills.

Taught by acting professionals from A.C.T., our program develops workshops customizable to clients’ needs. Whether you’re preparing for the next pitch, motivating your team, or answering questions post-presentation, our program will give employees the techniques to engage any audience.

"[The] trainings . . . focused on skills that engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians don’t often get to practice at the office: loosening up the body and being aware of its impulses and feelings, breathing deeply and deliberately, and acting or speaking from the truth of the moment instead of from some notion of what giving a presentation is supposed to look like."

San Franicsco Chronicle

“I was blown away with the result of mixing brilliant technical talent with brilliant theater professionals. Our best technical talent developed a command of theater techniques which will allow them to effectively deliver a compelling story about big data, whether in a bar or in the boardroom.”

Kristen Burton

Director, Digital Community Enablement


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“The program helped me appreciate the importance of
body language and tone when conveying the confidence and conviction of a speaker.”


David Riemer
Management Consultant


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