Statement of Purpose

A.C.T. seeks to develop the artist in every actor. We cultivate theater artists with a critical sense who will energize and advance performance in America. Our training prepares actors to succeed in all aspects of the profession, but our primary goal is to prepare artists for a lifelong investment in the theater.

Our curriculum combines rigorous training in the practical disciplines of acting with the study, rehearsal, and performance of classical and contemporary works drawn from the world repertoire. We believe that actors who have an intellectual and visceral grasp of dramatic literature, who recognize a relationship between new and classical work, are uniquely prepared to collaborate in the development of new dramatic forms.

Our association with the A.C.T. mainstage, as well as our location, enriches every aspect of our program, bringing students of many backgrounds into close and regular contact with writers, directors, designers, and actors of many theatrical traditions. It is through this exposure to professionals at work—and to their audience—that our students learn what drama means to the life of a community, and how the life of a community enriches its theater.

Acting Professionally
A note from Melissa Smith, Conservatory Director

Lean Forward (PDF)
An Orientation to Professionalism for the Actor by Jack Sharrar, Ph.D.

Core Learning Values (PDF)
Tips for Taking Class and Rehearsing at A.C.T.

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