Private Coaching

Get the one-on-one attention you deserve in preparation for high-stakes, real world situations.

What do Studio A.C.T. coaches do?

Our coaches teach students to be seen, heard, and understood at their personal best. Many students seek individual attention from a coach in preparation for graduate school auditions, booking a gig, or nailing a presentation at work. A coach’s feedback is typically directorial. For that reason, many students who register for private coaching also take “regular” Studio A.C.T courses.

Who are our coaches?                

Studio A.C.T. coaches are drawn from our exceptional faculty roster. They are all industry professionals with distinguished careers as artists and educators. The coach that is assigned to you will depend on their availability. If you sign up for more than one session you will be paired with one coach only. You may request a specific coach, but Studio A.C.T. cannot guarantee that the coach you request will be available.

Our coaches can help you:

  • prepare for auditions of all kinds
  • interpret direction from auditors
  • converse with casting directors knowledgably
  • select headshots and resumes
  • choose appropriate audition attire
  • select new audition monologues
  • finesse the transition between contrasting monologues
  • rehearse the perfect slate
  • make bold choices based on research and textual analysis
  • break down scenes and monologues into “beats”
  • scan Shakespearean text
  • learn basic dialects
  • develop your online profile with feedback related to your personal website and/or social media profile(s)

How do I sign up for individual coaching?

E-mail to request private coaching. Each session is 60 minutes and will be held in a studio at 30 Grant Avenue in San Francisco.   

                                                                   1 Session                      $115

After you register for an individual coaching session, a date and time for your coaching will be scheduled in consultation with the Studio A.C.T. Conservatory Associate.

Please note: Our private coaching program is for students over the age of 19. Receiving an inquiry, placement with the appropriate instructor and booking studio space can take up to a minimum of 3 days. Please keep this in mind when sending inquiries.

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