Private Coaching—Now Online

Looking for some more personalized training?
Get one-on-one coaching with one of our experienced A.C.T. instructors!

Private coaching sessions are available to students grades 3–12 looking for some individual attention from one of our A.C.T. instructors.

All of our private coaches are talented theater professionals and are matched up with each of our students based on their specific coaching needs.

Our coaches can help you:
  • Prepare for auditions of all kinds, including:
    • Musical theater auditions*
    • College pre-screen video auditions**
  • Select headshots and résumés
  • Choose appropriate audition attire
  • Prepare for applying to undergraduate theater programs
  • Select new audition monologues
  • Interpret direction from auditors
  • Make bold choices based on research and textual analysis
  • Break down scenes and monologues into “beats”
  • Converse with casting directors knowledgably
  • Scan and interpret Shakespearean text
  • Learn basic dialects


*For musical theater audition coaching, please note that coaches will work with students using recorded accompaniment provided by the student or a cappella. If you would like to request a live accompanist in addition to the coach, the additional cost is $40 per session.

**For pre-screen video recording, there is an additional $30 equipment & recording fee per session.

Duration and Price

Each private coaching session is 60 minutes, priced at $115.00 per session. At checkout, you may indicate how many session(s) you would like to sign up for.


All private coaching sessions will be conducted online until further notice. Click here to learn more about A.C.T.'s updates related to COVID-19.

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Visit our YC FAQ page or email

How to Sign Up

To schedule private coaching, click the button below to register.

First, you will be prompted to answer some questions about your specific coaching needs and goals, along with your availability.

Next, you will choose how many sessions you would like to sign up for* before being directed to checkout.

*Please note:
Once you have signed up for a private coaching session, it can take up to 3 days before we are able to match you with an appropriate instructor and contact you with a list of available dates.



For any other questions about our private coaching program, please contact us at

Private Coaching Refund Policy

To receive a full refund in the case of cancelling a scheduled private coaching session, we must receive a written request by email at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled session. This request must be sent to both your coach and to the YC Inbox at


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