Content Disclosure Philosophy

Theater is a live art form. Audiences embark on a shared journey, full of joy, sadness, and surprise. A.C.T. encourages freedom of expression of our artists, as well as the empowerment and agency of our audience. We respect the diversity of experience in our community and recognize that some artistic material and physical elements may cause distress in some, if not prepared. We also respect the preference of some audience members to discover the story as it unfolds, without foreknowledge of what will occur. We have attempted to accommodate the diverse needs of our patrons by communicating basic content disclosures to all patrons while making more detailed information easily available for those who would like to know more. We want to keep our audiences informed according to their preferences and foster necessary dialogue.

We strive to support our patrons’ self-care. If you have any areas of sensitivity with which you are concerned and would like more information beyond what is listed on each page and popup window for a specific production, please contact our Box Office at 415.749.2228. Our staff can provide specific details about areas of concern.

Updated Sep 6, 2019

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