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Summer Session 2

Sorry there is limited availability. For more information please call our team on 415.749.2228.

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Summer Session #2:  July 19–August 15

Most Session #2 classes have now come to pass.  

The following IN-PERSON class is still open for enrollment.


All in-person classes will be held at the A.C.T. studios, located at 30 Grant Avenue in San Francisco. 

All in-person classes will be held at the A.C.T. studios, located at 30 Grant Avenue in San Francisco.

The 30 Grant Avenue facility features spacious work rooms with an air circulation system that is up to code with regard to COVID-19 safety.

Students and faculty who participate in these in-person classes must agree to comply with the following safety precautions:

  • Be free of symptoms related to COVID-19 for the two weeks prior to class.
  • Wear proper protective masks at all times. 
  • Maintain physical distancing when arriving, during, and departing from class.
  • Follow the most updated official safety precautions in effect at the time of the class.
  • The above listed safety precautions may change and will be updated in accordance with any relevant San Francisco, county and state guidance.

PLEASE NOTE: We are very excited by the possibility of offering these one-day, in-person master classes. We understand they will be taking place under unusual circumstances. If when the time comes it is evident that meeting in-person will not be safe despite the above precautions being taken, we will elect to cancel any given class and issue students a full refund (no in-person class will be converted to online). It is our dear hope to be able to work with you in person once again!

Sunday, August 15, 1–4 p.m. | One-day in-person class led by Maya Herbsman

This is a one-day, in-person introduction to the emerging field of Intimacy Direction—a seismic shift in the way the theater, film, and television industries have functioned for decades. In this class, we will dive into the foundational techniques and principles of Intimacy Direction. Students will learn practical collaborative methods for staging intimate dramatic moments on stage, in ways that put the actors’ safety first, while also allowing for more intricate storytelling. This introductory class is open to actors, directors, choreographers, stage managers, or anyone else who finds themselves in the rehearsal room.

NOTE: Proper physical distancing and other COVID-19 safety precautions will be observed in this class. Please read the information regarding in-person classes on the Schedule & Pricing page carefully before enrolling.

This one-day, in-person Intimacy Direction for Theater class is for you if:

  • You are a theater artist curious about the field of Intimacy Direction.
  • You are a theater artist aiming to create safe, consent-based workspaces.
  • You are a theater maker looking to expand their knowledge of the world of intimate interaction onstage.

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