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Winter Class Schedule

Jan 17–Mar 13

Sorry there is limited availability. For more information please call our team on 415.749.2228.

Are you a new student to Studio A.C.T. or a returning student?
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Jan 17 – Mar 13*

*Some classes continue through Mar 20.

All times listed reflect Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Studio A.C.T. classes are divided into Intro courses for people new to the given subject, and repeatable courses providing an experience that allows each individual to progress to their fullest.

Full-length classes meet once a week for eight weeks during the above dates. Shorter classes meet on a single day. Check exact dates in each class description.

The Make-Up date for any full-length class is scheduled for the next weekly date following the originally scheduled final date of the given class. The Make-Up date will only be used if the teacher cancels a regularly scheduled class date. Please hold this date in reserve.

In order to select the best class for your goals and experience level, please read the individual course descriptions carefully.

Three Courses, Eight Classes each

Offered both online and in person.
Designed to be taken either individually, in succession, and/or repeatedly.

Acting 1Acting 2, and Acting 3 are three different courses designed to be taken either individually or in succession. Each class may also be repeated in order to further solidify the student’s foundation in the practices learned. Together, these courses comprise the Studio A.C.T. Acting 1–3 Sequence, and feature the most prevalent training practices used by professional actors. These practices address awareness, truthful playing, use of language and physical action, psychology, emotion, and script analysis. Students will develop a working understanding of common practical concepts such as action, objective, obstacle, conflict, tactic, intention, motivation, trigger, target, and acting “beats.”

Refer to each class’s individual description for further details, including scheduling, tuition, and this session’s faculty.

The Studio A.C.T. Acting 1–3 Sequence is for you if:

  • You already have some introductory acting experience and wish to develop a more solid foundation in the most commonly utilized and effective acting practices.
  • You’re interested in exploring acting as a serious interest alongside your other interests.
  • You’re interested in either exploring or pursuing acting as a profession.

Please note: Since acting is a life practice, these courses are designed to be repeatable, emphasizing fluency over “quick-fixes.” Students are occasionally encouraged to repeat levels before moving on to the next.


These classes meet online during the above dates. Exact schedules appear within the class description.


One day – Sunday – Jan 29
1:00–4:00 p.m. | online

What’s the difference between an agent and a casting director? Do I need to join a union? What information goes on an actor’s resume? How do I spot a casting scam? In this one-day online class for students of all levels, actors will learn about the tools an actor needs to look for work, gain an understanding of the casting process for stage and on-camera work, and identify a unique action item for the next step in their acting career. Everyone will leave the class with a list of resources for further exploration.

Your Acting Career Workshop is for you if:

  • You want to have a professional resume that meets industry standards for theater and film casting
  • You want to create effective relationships with agents and casting directors
  • You have questions about acting as a business

One day – Sunday – Feb 12

12:00–5:00 p.m. | online

This one-day class introduces you to the basic fundamentals of acting on camera, using short scenes drawn from existing film and television scripts. Participants will explore the principles of truthful on-camera acting and learn practical techniques particular to acting on camera versus onstage.

This one-day Intro to On-Camera Acting class is for you if:

  • You’ve already taken Intro to ActingActing 1, and Acting 2 at Studio A.C.T., or their equivalents elsewhere.
  • You have past acting experience but not with on-camera acting, are curious about acting on camera, and want an unintimidating but engaging opportunity to introduce yourself to it.
  • You’ve done a bit of on-camera acting in the past, but it’s been a while and you’re hungry to get back in touch with acting on camera. 


These classes meet in person during the above dates. Exact schedules appear within the class description.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all faculty and students, Studio A.C.T. adheres to the most updated safety precautions recommended by San Francisco, county and state guidance in effect at the time of classes.*

*Additional precautions apply in consideration of the wide range of students, staff, and artists using our facilities—including young children, adults of every age, and professional artists whose unions maintain strict COVID precautionary measures:

A.C.T. requires all faculty, students, and staff to either (a) establish that they have been fully vaccinated; or (b) obtain an approved exemption as an accommodation due to a qualifying medical condition or sincerely held religious beliefs and practices.

All faculty, students, and staff are required to wear N95/KN95 masks when indoors at 30 Grant Avenue. Some exceptions apply under specific performance situations.

We appreciate your participation in upholding our safety precautions.

For further information about proof of vaccination requirements, the process for seeking an exemption accommodation, or any other specific questions about Studio A.C.T. in-person classes with regard to COVID-19 precautions, please visit our FAQ page and/or email us at studio@act-sf.org


One class – Sunday – February 12

1:00 to 5:00 p.m. | in person

Actors are often called upon to use regional dialects, from classic and contemporary plays to television shows taking place in a range of international settings. Having demonstrable skill with dialects significantly enhances an actor’s resume, and, speaking in a new dialect is fun! This one-day class will introduce you to basic techniques for approaching dialect work, to help you sound like a local from anywhere in the English-speaking world. When working with a dialect, authenticity depends upon specificity, and this class will help you make your sounds and phrasing specific to any region.

Intro to Dialects is for you if:

  • You are an actor who is relatively new to dialect work, and wants an introduction to practices for picking up new dialects.
  • You are an actor with past experience working with dialects, but it’s been a while and you want to refine your ear and your process for learning dialects.
  • You are a person interested in how voice and speech reflect a given person’s cultural and regional background.

Two Classes — Sundays February 12 & 19

1:00 to 5:00 p.m. | In Person

In this two-day Monologue Audition workshop, open to all experience levels, you will have the opportunity to (1) freshen up an audition monologue you already know, and (2) work on a new monologue in new ways. On the first day students will perform the monologue they already know, and we’ll explore practical ways to explore this monologue further. We’ll then identify possibilities for a new, second monologue to complement or contrast the first. In the week between the first and second days, students will memorize and prepare their new monologue. On the second day we’ll share both monologues in a mock-audition format, with feedback and the opportunity to re-audition—a.k.a. return for a call-back!

Note – Students must come to the first day with an audition monologue of their choice, no more than two minutes long, memorized and prepared to perform. In the week between class dates, students will need to continue working on their chosen monologue, as well as prepare a new monologue, to be selected in consultation with the teacher.

This two-day Monologue Audition Workshop is for you if:

  1. You are an actor who wants to feel more relaxed, centered, confident, and at ease when you audition.
  2. You are an actor who wants to work on their already memorized monologue from a play – contemporary or classical – for use in future auditions.
  3. You are an actor who wants to find, memorize, and bring to life a new audition monologue from a play – contemporary or classical.
  4. You want new practices that are at once efficient and effective for selecting, preparing, and acting monologues.
  5. You want a chance to practice acting in the context of a monologue.


One class – Sunday – February 26

11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. | in person

In this daylong workshop we will approach analyzing a script from the actor’s perspective. Working primarily at the table and reading aloud, we’ll explore practices for quickly analyzing plot, character, and style to better inform our acting choices. Actors have been described as “acrobats of the heart,” emphasizing physicality and emotion. Coordinating movement and feelings with an intellectual engagement and understanding of the script is essential toward making active, insightful, dynamic and truthful choices that together tell the stories of the characters we play.

Note – The exact play we will focus on is TBD based on enrollment. We may also focus on scenes or a single act from a play or plays. Students will be emailed the material approximately one week in advance, so as to have read it prior to the first day of class. Hard copies of the material will then be provided on the first day.

Acting: Intro to Analyzing The Script is for you if:

  • You are pursuing actor training with seriousness, whether toward a career, as a passionate interest, or otherwise.
  • You’ve already taken Acting 2 or Acting 3 at Studio A.C.T., or their equivalent elsewhere, and wish to continue advancing your acting skills.
  • You wish to explore acting with an emphasis on practical, real-world approaches to script and character analysis.

One class – Sunday – March 5

1:00 to 5:00 p.m. | in person

Our individual identity affects our day-to-day interactions. Whether through internal social conditioning or external biases and prejudices, we are physically, emotionally, and mentally impacted by how we are perceived in the world. Through brave open discussion and liberation exercises, this one-day workshop focuses on understanding the dynamics of how we, as People of Color, function in the world. Questions that will be explored include: What makes a specific skin-experience unique for an individual artist? How do interactions influenced by race affect the training for actors—in the power dynamic between instructor and students, the selection of material, the acknowledgment/ignorance of culture differences? Through this class we will build an understanding of our identities and how to utilize them to disrupt or work with our artistry and our industry, which is currently rooted in White ideologies.

Acting Beyond Marginalization is for you if:

  • You are an actor of any experience level who identifies as a Person of Color.
  • You are interested in exploring how your racial identity engages with your acting, your actor training, and your artistic process.
  • You want to gain tools to engage with microaggressions from colleagues in an artistic process in White dominated environments.
  • You want to engage with other artists of color to find your voice and expression outside of a White gaze.

One class – Sunday – March 19

1:00 to 5:00 p.m. | in person

This is a one-day, in-person introduction to the emerging field of Intimacy Direction—a seismic shift in the way the theater, film, and television industries have functioned for decades. In this class, we will dive into the foundational techniques and principles of Intimacy Direction with a focus on the needs and practices of actors. Students will learn practical collaborative methods for working with fellow actors on intimate dramatic moments on stage, in ways that prioritize the actors’ mutual safety while also allowing for collaboration and more intricate storytelling. Though emphasizing the work of actors, this introductory class is also open to directors, choreographers, stage managers, or anyone else who finds themselves in the rehearsal room.

Intro to Intimacy Direction for Actors class is for you if:

  • You are an actor or other theater artist curious about the field of Intimacy Direction.
  • You are an actor or other theater artist aiming to create safe, consent-based workspaces.
  • You are a theater maker looking to expand their knowledge of the world of intimate interaction onstage.