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A.C.T. & Another Planet Entertainment present

Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees

Feb 9–10, 2023 at 7 p.m.


Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees

Feb 9–10, 2023 at 7 p.m.

Comedian Jacqueline Novak’s Get on Your Knees is the most high-brow show about blow jobs you’ll ever see. Novak spins her material on the femininity of the penis and the stoicism of the vulva into an unexpectedly philosophical show that’s part feminist outcry, part coming-of-age tale of triumph. Ira Glass calls it a “nearly Talmudic dissection of a subject. Really funny and just really like nothing else.”


Jacqueline Novak


What People Are Saying

“Critic's Pick! Brilliant on the absurdity of having and being a thinking, feeling, desiring body. Shrewd, explicit, though not exactly raunchy, this is the funniest show about Cartesian dualism you will see all year!”—The New York Times 

"Clearly her masterwork."—New York Magazine 

“An overthinker’s delight, and a reminder that a woman’s humor can cut as deeply as her rage."—The New Yorker 

“The true subject of Get on Your Knees is language and its beautiful, delusional attempts to make amends for human finitude. I’m not kidding. Over eighty minutes of manic soliloquy, Novak transfigures the clumsy corporeality of fellatio into a sparkling ode to poetry itself.”—New York Review of Books, by Andrea Long Chu 

“A dissection of the art of the blowjob, with all the critical faculties and language of a graduate-level seminar… In a moment when the boundaries between high and low culture have all but dissolved, Novak has found one of the few remaining tensions to play with."—Paris Review

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen the Muhammad Ali of comedy.” —John Mulaney 

“The jokes are tremendous and hilarious, but also the exposure of it—it’s big boy stuff. It really is.”—Natasha Lyonne for Interview Magazine

“It was a staggering show, the kind of thing that changed everyone in the room. I laughed beside a stranger and in laughing together we knew that we had both experienced the very thing Jacqueline was talking about. She’s major.” —Miranda July 

“Never in my lifetime could I imagine seeing such a hilarious, rigorous, and gut tingling semiotic deconstruction of the phallus in the theatre. This felt as if Andrea Dworkin and Spaulding Gray had a child they made listen to only Moms Mabley and read only Mary Oliver.” —Jeremy O. Harris 

“I felt my teenage self seen and heard. I hope a lot of young women, older women, young men, older men, and also non-binary peeps of all ages see this show because it is funny and healing.” —Ilana Glazer 

"A must see!!! I howled the whole time."—Amy Sedaris