An intimate, black-box performance space dedicated to new works, The Costume Shop is a versatile venue that houses an eclectic lineup of performances: from innovative A.C.T. Master of Fine Arts Program productions, to eye-catching work by local artists and performing arts companies. 

Located just across Market Street from Civic Center's UN Plaza in the heart of San Francisco's lively Central Market arts neighborhood, The Costume Shop officially opened its doors at 1117 Market Street in fall 2011 as part of 24 Days of Central Market Arts.

Thanks to funding from grants from the San Francisco Neighborhood Arts Collaborative and The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, A.C.T. is able provide no-cost rehearsal and performance space to select local arts organizations.

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In addition to our M.F.A. Program productions, this season we are proud to host exciting work from local Bay Area arts organizations, including the 06 Ensemble, Bindlestiff Studio, Campo Santo, Footloose, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, Playwrights Foundation, Magic Theatre, San Francisco Recovery Theatre, Teatro Pachuco, Theatecture, Theatre Rhinoceros, Volti San Francisco, and more.

Please note: 
Performances are subject to change—information will be updated periodically. Many performances are free of charge, but check each company’s website for details.

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The Haze

September 4–27, 2014
A new solo play by Heather Marlowe
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

An enthralling, sharp-witted, and autobiographical story about the aftermath of being drugged and raped while attending San Francisco's annual Bay to Breakers event, Marlowe's piece has already generated local and national attention for the issues it raises about how rape cases are handled even in enlightened cities like San Francisco. The play comes at a moment when Congress is expected to approve funding to examine untested DNA evidence from rape kits held by state and local police departments across the country.

$20 tickets can be purchased online or at the door (cash only). For tickets and more information, visit

Love Junkies The Musical

October 3–5, 2014
Written and Directed by Tiziana Perinotti
Music by Ramada Salieri, Tiziana Perinotti

Meet the Love Junkies:
Ariela the Diva; Omar the King of Tango at the end of his career; Robert the Silicon Valley Lawyer with a secret; Danilo the "Mama Boy" from Italy; Gio the Dreamer; TJ and R.J. two San Francisco Hipsters, one a "Buffon" and the other wanting to be the "Perfect Son"; and the Diva's entourage, Bellissima the exquisite "Principal Dancer" with her Brioso, the talented "Musician and Principal dancer", and Fernando the "Bartender and Dancer" with plenty of attitude and a soft spot for his dance companion Mirella, a true "fashionista".

Love Junkies is a Broadway style original musical celebrating love in many of its aspects, playful, romantic, intimate, erotic, seductive, fatherly, friendly, committed,  and uncommitted. Love Junkies characters crave it, chase it, discover it, cope with the lack or loss of it in their own way, and some are able to channel it into love for something else. Loss and tragedy spin the Love Junkies into their "dark night of the soul" experience that allows them to get in touch with their shadow parts, and also bring up a sense of compassion for themselves and others, even in unexpected moments and circumstances. The Love as Life Force wants to live and move forwards even in Love Junkies. Come Join The Love Fun Fest! For more information, visit $45 tickets can be purchase online at