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A.C.T. commits to being an inclusive institution for all. We are continually upgrading and expanding our accessibility options and offerings for our audience, artists, students, and staff.


A.C.T. offers assisted listening devices (ALDs) at both the Toni Rembe and the Strand theaters. You may check out a device by visiting the Assisted Listening Attendant in the main lobby of each theater. We offer soft, in-ear pods as well as an induction loop option that will work directly with your hearing device. These listening devices are yours to use free of charge, however we will request and securely hold an ID or credit card for the duration of your time with the device.

We take cleanliness and COVID safety seriously. Each device is sanitized with an antiviral disinfectant before and the end of each performance, ensuring safe and clean devices for everyone.

Tips from our Audience Services staff for a great experience with our ALDs:

• Our Toni Rembe devices function based on a visual connection to equipment on the stage and hang beneath your chin. Be sure that you don’t inadvertently cover it with a scarf or other clothing item. If you notice that your sound quality has grown weak, sounds like static, or simply stopped working, check for an obstruction before you leave your seat for help.

• If you use the ear pod option and choose to remove your personal hearing device, please be sure to turn your personal device off before you tuck it away in a secure space. If left on, your hearing device can cause a feedback loop—a loud squealing noise that your neighbors can hear.

• Our staff will be very happy to help you get comfortable with your device at any time. Please don’t hesitate to ask if we may be of assistance.


We provide at least one open-captioned performance for each mainstage production on the Toni Rembe and Strand stages. The captioning screen is located house left and seats are available at a variety of price points.


Sensory friendly performances, also called relaxed performances, are designed to create an experience in the theater for neurodiverse audiences or anyone who has sensory sensitivities that might impact their ability to feel comfortable in a typical theater-going experience. A.C.T. is working in collaboration with Inclusive Arts and their team of accessibility consultants, which includes individuals on the autism spectrum. 

At a sensory friendly performance, A.C.T. invites audience members to feel free to come to the show and be themselves! Expectations about audience etiquette are relaxed at this performance; talking or vocalizing during the performance is accepted and there will be designated movement spaces in the theater should audience members want to stand or move around during the performance. Additionally, these performances include: 

  • Technical adjustments: The lighting, sound, and transition technical cues will be modified slightly, and the house lights will remain on and dim throughout the entirety of the performance.
  • Preparatory materials: Audience members will receive resource materials preparing you for your experience at the theater. A.C.T. will share an access guide that outlines information about getting to the theater, the space itself, and the supports that will be available, as well as a social story with details about the show, including the plot and characters.
  • Sensory Supports: A variety of sensory tools and fidgets will be available for audience members, as well as earplugs and noise reducing headphones. Audience members can also feel free to bring their own seat cushions or comfort items with them to the theater. There will also be a quieter sensory space available in the building outside the theater where audience members can feel free to take a break from the performance if they wish.

Everyone is welcome at sensory friendly performances, especially those who may benefit from the supports listed above. Learn more about what you can expect for the performance in our Toni Rembe Theater Sensory Access Guide.


All video content on our website and YouTube channel has captions available to turn on and off according on your need.


We provide easy ticket booking over the phone, website, or in person, depending on your preferred communication method. Both the Toni Rembe and Strand box offices feature dropped counters for wheelchair users. We offer a variety of ticket prices for all budgets, with tier 4 pricing available at all levels of the theater.


Our website complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These guidelines define how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.


We provide ADA seating at every level in each theater. 


Single-user restrooms (or family restrooms) are available in each space. At the Toni Rembe Theater, these restrooms are located on the fifth floor, accessible by elevator or staircase. At the Strand Theater, these restrooms are located on the lobby level.


Theater is a live art form. Audiences embark on a shared journey, full of joy, sadness, and surprise. A.C.T. encourages freedom of expression of our artists, as well as the empowerment and agency of our audience. We respect the diversity of experience in our community and recognize that some artistic material and physical elements may cause distress in some, if not prepared. We also respect the preference of some audience members to discover the story as it unfolds, without foreknowledge of what will occur. We have attempted to accommodate the diverse needs of our patrons by communicating basic content disclosures to all patrons while making more detailed information easily available for those who would like to know more. We want to keep our audiences informed according to their preferences and foster necessary dialogue.

We strive to support our patrons’ self-care. If you have any areas of sensitivity with which you are concerned and would like more information beyond what is listed on each page and pop-up window for a specific production, please contact our Box Office at 415.749.2228. Our staff can provide specific details about areas of concern.


We may have a digital copy of the script available for you to peruse before your performance. Contact the box office at tickets@act-sf.org or 415.749.2228 for more information and to check on availability. (We do not have printed copies available at the theater.)