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Welcome to A.C.T., San Francisco. This is your theater.

All and any laughter is welcome. Laughter from many that can make a whole room shake. Laughter that is a beacon of any one person’s connection to the story told. And laughter that betrays nerves as a story builds tension. Please laugh and let others around you laugh. It is why we have come together. 

We encourage all response. You, the audience, are part of the storytelling equation. Feel free to express yourself and let those around you express themselves. We are building a community with each performance.

Theater is alive and precious in that aliveness. The stories are honed and rehearsed and told with—not just to—you, the audience. If you miss a phrase or two, please know that the show will take care of you. It’ll come round again to catch you up and pull you forward. You can trust in the craft, so you can enjoy yourselves.

We ask that you turn off your cellphones. This is out of respect for us all coming together to be part of a story told in this space and in living time.

We ask that you save taking photos or video to before and after the performance and during intermission. We love seeing posts on social media: our programs held high among friends, floating before the set or curtain or lobby spaces. Please share the fun.

We encourage you all to be together in these spaces. Give each other room, but also say hello as you pass on the way to your seats, or at intermission standing in a line, or as you walk out after into your city.

Again, welcome to A.C.T. This is your theater.


Pam MacKinnon
Artistic Director 

Jennifer Bielstein
Executive Director

House Rules of Play

This printed handout was included with every program for each performance in the 19/20 season, as we want to build community with every audience.

Read the House Rules of Play