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American Conservatory Theater is an essential gathering place that brings artists and communities together to inspire and provoke


ENGAGE the spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area.

ACTIVATE stories that resonate.

PROMOTE a diversity of voices and points of view.

EMPOWER theater makers and audiences to celebrate liveness.


INCLUSION: We see as essential, and embrace a diversity of voices and perspectives in all that we do. Transparency, collaboration, trust, and respect are core.

TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING: We value continuous evolution of ourselves, our art form, and our community. We are open to change, surprise, risk, and the best ideas.

PARTICIPATION: We are invested in all who engage and collaborate in our work – artists, audiences, staff, students, volunteers, donors, and the community as a whole.

RIGOROUS FUN: We are serious about the impact of our work and simultaneously experience joy in what we do.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

A.C.T. commits to becoming an inclusive and anti-racist organization where everyone can thrive. The moral imperative that drives our commitment is the transformational power of art made possible when true inclusion is realized, when a diversity of perspectives and experiences is respected, and when oppressive systems are collectively dismantled - leading to better art, more supportive and welcoming environments, and improved outcomes for all.

As part of a theatrical ecosystem with underpinnings of systemic racism and anti-Blackness, we acknowledge our organization’s history as a predominantly white institution. We also acknowledge that A.C.T. has caused real harm and trauma, consciously or subconsciously, directly or indirectly, adversely impacting our colleagues, students, audiences, staff and members of our community. We take these injuries seriously, and we are working to make meaningful, lasting changes that dismantle and eliminate the inherently oppressive structures and practices in our culture, our organizational structure, our business practices and our work, on and off the stage.

We are doing the work through listening, educating ourselves, responding, and adjusting to be better as an organization and individuals. We are holding each other accountable with clear actions, goals and measurable results. This work is ongoing and we acknowledge the tension between moving quickly, being inclusive and making change that will have lasting impact.

EDI Strategic Plan

Our EDI Strategic Plan, created in early 2020, is a framework for this work. We focus upon Cultural Competency, Investing in our People, Employee Led Groups, Artistic Programs & Our Community, and Intentionality and Accountability.

We recently expanded our plans and commitments with input from We See You White American Theater and the Bay Area BIPOC Equity Action Plan. We are grateful for the work and labor that has gone into developing these plans and hear the feedback from BIPOC colleagues. Members of our staff, students, faculty and board have reviewed and provided input. Our EDI plan is a living and working document for A.C.T. and is not intended to be a checklist as the work is never done. Past actions are noted so that we and future generations of A.C.T. stakeholders can see what has been implemented or attempted and continue to build upon these intentional efforts.