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The Conservatory envisions being a hub for theater education and training that inspires and shapes the passions of live theatre for all. We center the importance of understanding the process and impact that creating theater has on America’s cultural future.

Our multiple programs provide opportunities for anyone to engage with their artistic learning based on their needs. Each program offers different perspectives on theater and the craft of acting, with a variety of learning progressions for actors who wish to build a long-term relationship with their artistry and with A.C.T.

Our association with A.C.T.’s professional performances, as well as our location, enriches every aspect of our programs, bringing students into close contact with writers, directors, designers, actors, and audiences of many theatrical traditions. Through these connections, our students learn what theater means to the life of a community and how the community enriches its theater.


Our programs primarily encompass independent individual theater classes and intensive actor training.

Our independent skills building classes offer a range of short-term commitments of one-day, weekly, or short concentrated theater classes focused on a specific skill. These classes offer a range of skills, including acting, singing, and scene study. They cater to a range of demographics, from youth (Age 8 – 19) in our Young Conservatory, to adults (Age 19+) in our Studio A.C.T., to large-group classes for organizations and corporations through our Professional Development program. These programs serve a range of experiences by offering classes for casual theater lovers to working professionals.

Our intensive actor training programs are for those who are seeking a space to dedicate a significant amount of concentrated time towards the craft of acting. The Summer Training Congress offers a 6-week intensive for students, educators, and professional actors who seek to steep themselves in the craft. The San Francisco Semester offers a lengthier 15-week program to bridge an artist’s commitment to becoming an actor while exploring San Francisco, one of the richest cultural hubs of the U.S.

The Young Conservatory’s Performance Opportunities allow student actors to develop their skills through performances, including cabaret, ensemble, and fully produced productions.

Currently not being offered, the 3-year Master in Fine Arts was geared towards aspiring theater professionals, providing rigorous training that honed every element of an actor’s craft, introducing students to the industry with an MFA in Acting and membership to Actors’ Equity Assocation. While on pause, we continue to offer opportunities for our alumni to engage with each other and A.C.T.

The conservatory builds our Alumni Relations through newsletters, events, and engagement across the nation from all our programs. Additionally, the Melissa Yandell Smith Library holds a collection of over 10,000 materials, accessible to all members of A.C.T.’s community who live in the Bay Area.

We recognize that theater classes and actor training have historically excluded people of certain identities due to limitations around access, finance, and inclusive spaces. We work with, and challenge, our industry by striving to create more inclusive classroom spaces and diversifying our educational offerings. We also recognize that historically a majority of American theater practices focus on European models. While offering these techniques, we continue to explore a diverse and contemporary lens to theater and training in hopes to widen the definition of the American theater.

We acknowledge it takes work and time to change the landscape of the theater and education industry to include more anti-racist practices. We are committed to dedicating resources towards this endeavor. We ask our community to hold us accountable by providing feedback and insight on our actions to fulfill this commitment. More details about the full company’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work can be found here.