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Conservatory Scholarship
Statement of Purpose and Understanding


A.C.T. Conservatory scholarships create access to A.C.T.’s theater classes and training opportunities for those who have historically been unable to engage with these programs due to financial limitations. 

Financial limitations can manifest in two significant ways: 

  • Lack of Access to Resources – Some people are denied access to quality education, sustainable paying work, or credit and loans, or they lack the resources of generational wealth or general community support, due to systemic structures that lead to prejudice and bias. 
  • Significant Circumstantial Living Expenses – Life circumstances may cause an individual to have exceptional expenses, such as ongoing medical needs, being a caretaker, or having dependents. Long-term expenses may also exist, including student, home, or auto loans. Additionally, there are time-related expenses, such as long commutes or the time dedicated to classes itself, during which one cannot work. These may also create expenses related to transportation, parking, and, for long-term Conservatory programs, temporary relocation. 

Scholarship applicants are asked, to the best of their ability, to assess and understand their personal needs and the potential needs of others when submitting their particular scholarship request. 

The scholarship application also offers an opportunity for students to articulate their personal commitment and dedication towards taking a class and to their individual growth and training. 

Program directors review scholarship applications and award scholarships. For some programs, like San Francisco Semester (SFS) and Summer Training Congress (STC), applications may be followed by an interview with the program’s director to discuss a student’s commitment to learning, to ensure ideal placement for the student’s experience, and provide optimal education.

If you have any questions about A.C.T. Conservatory scholarships or the application, please reach out to the program which you are interested:

Studio A.C.T.: studio@act-sf.org
Young Conservatory: youngconservatory@act-sf.org
San Francisco Semester or Summer Training Congress: conservatory@act-sf.org

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