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A.C.T.’s publications are designed to enhance your theatergoing experience, offering a variety of ways to learn about the plays, productions, and people who make theater happen on A.C.T.’s stages.

The entertaining and informative issues of Words on Plays, A.C.T.’s in-depth performance guide series, contain revealing artist interviews, original articles, and additional background information about the historical and cultural context of the plays in our subscription season.

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Each purchase of Words on Plays directly supports our ACTsmart education programs, serving teachers and students throughout the Bay Area. Extend the love of theater to future generations, while learning more about the show!
 Words on Plays can be purchased show by show online or at the theater, and season-long subscriptions are also available. Words on Plays subscribers receive your copies before First Preview, giving you plenty of time to read up on the play before you see the performance.

  • To subscribe to a full or partial print season of Words on Plays ($10 each, includes postage), or receive the electronic edition of Words on Plays ($5 each), please call 415.749.2250.
  • Individual copies of Words on Plays are available for purchase at the theater for $10 or online for $10 each + postage and handling or $5 each for the electronic edition (in PDF format).


Words on Plays Archive

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