“Lynn Nottage's play . . . will be done 50 years from now.” Hear Artistic Director Pam MacKinnon's thoughts on 2018–19 season opener Sweat (0:58):


“The struggles that we deal with in this play are more relevant today than ever.” The cast of Sweat discuss their inital thoughts on the play (1:20):


“Magnificent,” “powerful,” “excellent”—see what critics are saying about Sweat (0:30):



by Kevin Berne


Intro to Reading, Pennsylvania: More Than a Monopoly Property

Sweat is set in Reading, Pennsylvania. If you've played Monopoly, you know the place. Remember the Reading Railroad? It has a fascinating history.

by Annie Sears
Oct 5, 2018

Insight Into Sweat: An Interview with Playwright Lynn Nottage

Lynn Nottage is the only woman to have won two Pulitzer Prizes for drama—including Sweat. Hear from Nottage on how she’s raising up the voices of the forgotten, the unsung, and the marginalized.

by Simon Hodgson
Oct 2, 2018

Insight into Sweat: Boom and Bust in the Rust Belt

In 1946, Carnegie Steel Company was manufacturing 54.1% of the world's steel. By 1980, that number had dropped to 14%. Why? Find out in this excerpt from Words On Plays.

by Simon Hodgson
Sep 28, 2018

Insight into Sweat: An Interview with Director Loretta Greco

Sweat is the fifth production Loretta Greco will direct for the Geary stage. We caught up with her to hear about why she loves this playing space.

by Elspeth Sweatman
Sep 25, 2018

Insight into Sweat: The Dramatic Appeal of Bars

What are so many movies and plays—including Sweat—set in bars? Find out in this excerpt from Words On Plays.

by Elspeth Sweatman
Sep 18, 2018

Insight into Sweat: Camaraderie in a Company Town

Why were the steel mill closures that inspired Sweat so devastating? Gain insight from this Words on Plays excerpt.

by Elspeth Sweatman
Sep 7, 2018

Starting to Sweat for Sweat: Cast and Crew Begin with a Meet and Greet

Rehearsals for Sweat are underway, and Director Loretta Greco's vision is about to become an onstage reality . . .

by A.C.T. Publications Staff
Sep 4, 2018

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