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A.C.T.’s award-winning Conservatory presents a wide array of productions each year, featuring some of the brightest and most creative performers in the country. From showcasing the talents of students training in the nationally renowned Master of Fine Arts Program, to unveiling the prodigious skills of young actors (ages 8–19) studying in the Young Conservatory, these productions are a place where students put their skills into practice, engage with enthusiastic audiences, and create some of the most dynamic work you’ll see on stage.

Upcoming Shows from A.C.T.s M.F.A. Program and Young Conservatory

A.C.T.’s Young Conservatory presents


by Lauren Yee
Directed by Allie Moss

Oct 24–27
The Rueff at A.C.T.s Strand Theater

College freshman Lexi thinks the Hookman legend is just a cautionary tale her paranoid mom tells her so she’ll stay alert. But what if it’s not just a story? From Bay Area playwright Lauren Yee (The Great Leap) comes a psychological thriller about grief, guilt, and growing up. Hookman is a 21st-century slasher comedy that will have you hunting for the truth . . . and unsure if you ever find it.

Please note: This production contains mature themes, including: references to sexual assault, brief moments of graphic violence, and underage alcohol use.

This production is recommended for grades 9+

A.C.T.’s Master of Fine Arts Program presents

Fascinating Rhythms:
Jazz and Blues on Broadway

M.F.A. 2 Musical Revue
directed by Darryl V. Jones

Dec 12–15

The Costume Shop Theater

Tickets will be available October 2018

A.C.T.’s Young Conservatory presents

The Wolves

by Sarah DeLappe
directed by Jessica Holt

Apr 17–20
The Rueff at A.C.T.s Strand Theater

Try to keep up with teenage soccer team the Wolves as they stretch, run drills, and size up the opposition. But in between their passes are performance anxieties, family tensions, and complex conversations . . . Left lunge. Global genocide. Tampons. Do they have Skype in Cambodia? Right lunge. She got Plan B? There’s the college recruiter! You’re coming to the party this weekend?

For these nine young women, becoming an adult doesn’t always come with a game plan.

A.C.T.’s Master of Fine Arts Program presents

Sense and Sensibility

by Kate Hamill
Based on the novel by Jane Austen
Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

May 9–11
The Rueff at A.C.T.s Strand Theater

The Dashwood sisters—sensible Elinor and starry-eyed Marianne—have very different approaches to finding love. But when their father’s death leaves them penniless, homeless, and vulnerable to gossip, they must rely on each other to discover what it takes to follow their hearts. Playwright Kate Hamill (Vanity Fair) celebrates the power of sisterhood in this joyful, witty adaptation of the beloved Jane Austen novel.

A.C.T.’s Young Conservatory presents

The Last Hundred Years: Musical Theater Through the Decades

Nov 1–10
The Garret at A.C.T.s Geary Theater

From Show Boat to Mean Girls, Broadway has undoubtedly evolved over the last century. This fall, join the YC Cabaret program as we stroll through the history of American musical theater, sharing songs from the 1920s to 2018 with historical tidbits along the way. For maximum musical theater fun, see a performance of each of the three Cabaret Ensembles—each group will present a different repertoire from the last hundred years.


A.C.T.’s Master of Fine Arts Program presents

The School for Scandal

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Adapted and Directed by Christine Adaire

Nov 8–17
The Rueff at A.C.T.s Strand Theater

It’s fun to gossip, until the gossip becomes about you.

In a society that’s fueled by scandal, the slightest look or whisper can turn a spark into a flame. Husbands suspect wives, uncles question nephews, and no one is safe when the slightest rumor can make or break you. Filled with illusion and intrigue, this fast-paced, contemporary adaptation of Sheridan’s most famous play pits truth against fiction and reveals that virtue can hide all manner of sins.

A.C.T.’s Master of Fine Arts Program presents

Both Your Houses

by Susan Soon He Stanton
Directed by Mina Morita

Feb 21–Mar 2
The Rueff at A.C.T.s Strand Theater

Romances blossom, resentments fester, and rumors spread at the last performance of Theater Right Now’s Romeo and Juliet. And that’s just onstage. Last minute changes and inflated egos—as well as the artistic director’s inappropriate advances—reveal that in the 21st century, accountability and complicity are the two warring factions.

In this co-commission with Crowded Fire Theater that was workshopped at the 2018 New Strands Festival, playwright Susan Soon He Stanton shines a spotlight on life in a regional theater, the #MeToo movement, and how risky it can be to speak up.

A.C.T.’s Master of Fine Arts Program presents

Spring Play 2019

Directed by Peter J. Kuo

May 8–11
The Costume Shop Theater

Tickets will be available October 2018

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