The 2014–15 season

“Beautiful and Daring”The New York Times

“Electrifying…shatteringly, trenchantly human”Bloomberg

Originally staged at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2011—and retitled for Broadway in 2013 as The Testament of MaryTestament is an incisive, lyrical, and deeply human work that recounts in riveting detail a defiant mother's story of her son, who has been taken from her by men she regards as fanatics. Variety raved that “you’ve never seen anything like it,” and you won’t want to miss Canadian leading actor Seana McKenna (A.C.T.’s Napoli!) in this powerful, tour-de-force role.


"A smash hit! Holiday traditions don't get any better."Stark Insider

"The best Christmas Carol ever!"—Jan Wahl, KCBS

Featuring a lively cast of dozens, gorgeous costumes, and those deliciously spooky ghosts, the Bay Area's favorite holiday tradition returns with a sparkling, music-infused production of A Christmas Carol. Bring your family, bring your friends, and check your "humbugs" at the door!

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“Witty, entertaining, and romantic”—The New York Times

“Tom Stoppard is the reigning literary detective of our day.”—Los Angeles Times

A sweeping time-travel romance from master playwright Tom Stoppard, this exquisitely romantic play tells the story of a contemporary English biographer and a young Indian man, who separately attempt to explore the mysteries of the erotic artwork and poetry left behind by a racy, freethinking English poet from the 1930s and the Indian painter whom she has come to love. Through the passion of the poet’s writing and letters, they each discover that she held many more secrets in Jummapur, India, than ever before imagined. Full of tender moments, Indian Ink is a brilliant study of the of the emotional and psychological after-effects of British colonialism.


“One of the Top Ten Plays of 2013! Downright brilliant”—The New York Times

“Wonderfully clever”—The Wall Street Journal

A.C.T. presents the West Coast debut of the outrageous and enthusiastically acclaimed new comedy by Bay Area–born playwright Anne Washburn. The story begins in a dark dystopia, where a group of surviving strangers bond by recreating from memory an episode of The Simpsons. As the story moves decades later, their recollection becomes an almost religious-like fable, elaborately staged for adoring crowds through live theater and opera. A marvelously meta tribute to the pop-culture phenomenon The Simpsons and a paean to the power of storytelling, Mr. Burns is an ingenious exploration of how we share recollection, memory, and truth.


“[Kwei-Armah is] one of Britain’s most talented and distinctive writers”WYPR

“Often comic and ultimately touching”The Telegraph, London

An intimate and disarmingly honest play from one of England’s most celebrated modern playwrights (and Artistic Director of Baltimore's Center Stage), Let There Be Love tells the story of Alfred, a gruff and complicated West Indian immigrant, recently transplanted to London. Struggling with his new surroundings and his estrangement from both of his daughters, he experiences a new awakening, and a new reckoning with his past, when he comes to know a young Polish caregiver assigned to his case. Filled with the sumptuous jazz standards that pour forth from Alfred’s beloved record player, Let There Be Love explores the forces of memory and mystery that lie at the heart of all immigrant experiences—and what can happen when, at any age, we open our minds to the possibility of change.


“No score of Sondheim’s is as buoyant and thoroughgoing an example of musical comedy”
The Wall Street Journal

“Sophisticated and enchanting”The New York Times

Stephen Sondheim’s most rapturous and seductive musical waltzes onto the stage in a sumptuous, all-new production. Filled with Sondheim’s signature wit and some of his most gorgeous melodies—including the beloved and haunting treasure “Send in the Clowns”—A Little Night Music presents a beguiling and bittersweet tale of lost love, scandalous infidelity, and young passions that intertwine over a midsummer’s eve at a country home in 1900s Sweden. This ravishing production will sweep audiences away with mesmerizing theatrical storytelling that ignites the senses.


“Dizzying. . .exhilarating! [A] sharp-minded, tenderhearted play’s embrace of an ultimately random universe”
The New York Times

“Vastly entertaining. . .it could not be more intoxicating!”Variety

With the explosion of information constantly at our fingertips, why do we feel so lost?  In a flood of data, what is the meaning of love? Master playwright Caryl Churchill’s (A Number, Cloud 9, Top Girls) astonishing new play Love and Information is a brilliant exploration of the relationship between our obsession with data and our longing for meaning in a society whose attention is constantly split between the virtual and the actual. Featuring a dozen actors portraying hundreds of characters in 50 interchangeable scenes, Churchill’s “thought-churning, deeply poignant new play” (The New York Times) showcases her signature ability to reinvent structure, language, and theatricality in this internationally acclaimed new work making its West Coast debut as the premiere production in A.C.T.’s new performance venue, The Strand Theater. A pioneer who has been rocking the theatrical world for three decades, Churchill has created a theatrical event hailed as “the play that everyone should see.” (The Guardian)


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