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An Open Letter to Our Community

February 2019

We write to you in response to the public dialogue that is occurring around A.C.T.

As you may be aware, over a week ago, we received a legal complaint filed against A.C.T from a former employee. While we are not in a position to comment about the specifics of the legal case, we are grateful that this act has empowered others to bring forward their concerns. We hear you.

We apologize to anyone who has ever experienced insensitivity, racism, sexism, or other forms of oppression at A.C.T.  We acknowledge that it has been difficult for people of color, especially Black people, at A.C.T.

Since receiving input in 2018, A.C.T has been on a formal path to building awareness and making meaningful change around Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), specifically issues of race and ethnicity. A.C.T. is doing a great deal to evolve its organizational culture to ensure we are a place where all people can thrive, and we acknowledge there is much more to do.

Based on input from conversations just this past week around dismantling anti-Black culture and disrupting systems of injustice, we are beginning work with the Racial Equity Institute, assembling a list of resources for every non-Black member of our team to use to do work individually, expediting the launch of Affinity Spaces, providing additional support for people of color within our organization, and implementing the Intercultural Development Inventory with our senior leadership team. These are just a few of the additional immediate steps we are taking; we know further actions will be needed and we are committed to being responsive and taking them.

We are in a moment of tremendous change as an institution, in the field of theater, and in society. We must face it head on and work together, so we can continue to positively impact lives through the work on our stages, to build community by fostering empathy, and to train young talent who are changing the world. We are committed to making positive changes to the organizational health of A.C.T. and the local and national stage.

We welcome feedback from all members of our communities. Please share your thoughts at info@act-sf.org


Pam MacKinnon
Artistic Director 

Jennifer Bielstein
Executive Director