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A.C.T.’s Professional Development workshop modules are founded in fundamental acting techniques that utilize physicality, voice, and creativity to build presence, authority, collaboration, confidence, and innovation. They are immersive, interactive, and entertaining.


“A.C.T. offers a unique training experience in that they were able to bring theatricality into the everyday business environment and help people perform better in presentations through acting-based exercises. The feedback we got from participants was phenomenal. Everyone felt like the training program was different than any other in the market.”

Project Manager

Storytelling and Presentation Delivery

  • Use acting exercises to bring your body, voice, and speech into powerful alignment. 
  • Learn how to connect with your audience and maintain their focus and engagement for your entire message.
  • Combine relaxation techniques with voice and body warm-ups to be ready for any public speaking engagement.


Team Building and Collaboration  

  • Learn the methods performers use to thrive and succeed in the collaborative process.
  • Study improvisation techniques and their broader applications to stimulate group innovation.
  • Use listening and interpersonal exercises to deepen relationships with peers, bosses, and direct reports.


Acting for Leadership Presence

  • Gain greater confidence in speaking to groups of all sizes and formats.
  • Learn acting techniques to build awareness of others in order to portray your most authentic self.
  • Practice leading through fun and challenging acting exercises 

Innovation and Creativity

  • Learn break your typical thought pattern and see multiple solutions to any problem.
  • Practice creating and building ideas with many different people through the power of “yes, and . . .”
  • Key in to your natural impulses and identify when to act on them.
  • Learn to create a safe space to rapid test and fail big.


Seeking targeted training?

Tell us what skills you’d like to work on and we’ll design a comprehensive, customizable workshop to address your company’s needs. Planning a company retreat? Bring A.C.T. to your office for one of our half-day or full-day workshops.


Interested in more information about A.C.T.’s Professional Development Training program?